June 9 - 23
Presented by Bored Room Ventures, a Web3 art exhibition
featuring leading artists & communities seeking to
feed 20,000 people to combat global hunger.

Meet the Artists

Proof of Impact

Each $50 donation delivers one food pack to feed a family of 5 for up to a month.

Impact:344 / 20,000

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Artwork:"Amari" by Jeremy CowartType1/1 (erc721)Sold for:0.456789ETH! Sold on

Ivy Boy

Artwork:"Ivy Boy" by BBRC StudiosType1/1 (erc721)Sold for:0.11ETH! Sold on

Artwork:"Yellow Tulip, Seyahatnâme. Constantinople, Ottoman Empire, 1630s" by Joelle McTigueType1/1 (erc721)Sold for:0.07ETH! Sold on

Feast like Kings

Artwork:"Feast like Kings" by Rachel Suzanne Tien WoodType1/1 (erc721)Sold for:0.12ETH! Sold on


Artwork:"BEYOND" by Julie PacinoType1/1 (erc721)Sold for:0.04ETH! Sold on

The Charity

Compassion International is a child development organization working to release children from poverty. Founded in 1952, Compassion serves in 29 countries to deliver holistic care to over two million babies, children, and young adults in poverty. When children living in poverty are nurtured and equipped to overcome their circumstances, they are empowered to pursue their dreams – driving change in their families, communities, and nations.

The world is currently facing the most severe food shortage in 70 years, and unfortunately, children are the most affected by this crisis. Hunger not only impedes a child's development, but it can also have long-lasting effects that persist throughout their entire lives.

I remember the day I witnessed a child at the center eat four plates of food and ask for another. We asked him why he was eating like that. His answer broke our heart: I'm eating because I don't know when I'm going to eat again.

Pastor Gleydson, Brazil
First-hand Testimony

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